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Fruitful Partnership with Ironman

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The management of sponsorship is part of our activities. We support our athletes from season to season. Our top priority is to promote sport and dedicate ourselves to more global long-term partnerships. We particularly want to bring manufacturers on board and represent them. A Swimbikerun.coach team, which we also call a racing team, has now been created.
Since the sport is expensive, the first goal of the season is to make top material available with the support of sponsors.
If athletes show themselves with talent and will, we support them in the search for further sponsors, for example, to make a trip to Hawaii or other things that are part of a successful trilife possible.
How can I be supported? First, you should be on the team, i.e. train with us. Then, it depends on your ambitions for the season. Of course, with the partnerships, we also have to represent the tasks of our sponsors. Since we rely on high-quality partners, your aspirations should match. In short, you must agree to actively represent this, up to and including a contractual obligation.


In the end, there is a cycle in which everyone benefits!


Partnerships ensure the quality of the work. We attach great importance to sustainable relationships that help athletes better achieve their goals.

OTE Sports Nutrition


STRYD Coaching Group


WS Immobilien

SBRC Racesuits year by year

At the annual standard event short jersey poses in the SBRC team suit on Schindelberg.

IRONMAN® Hawaii und der Racesuit sitztand the sponsors fit perfectly!

Great things together. Thanks to sponsors, the trip to IRONMAN® Hawaii 2018 became a reality.

If you want to be sponsored, you shouldn't be afraid of stickers - you just have to be cool.